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Coding Projects



ChemGuesser is a fun trivia game putting your chemistry knowledge to the test! Using up to 5 hints, try to guess the mystery chemical, a new chemical will be released each day.

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Freelance Quant project
February 2022

Contracted to backtest momentum strategy on the Danish C25 index. Since this work was contractual, the code is not public.

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Hack Cambridge Atlas - Green Switch
January 2022

We built an app that tells you the cheapest option between heating with gas and electricity. This was my first time working on front-end dev, so I didn't finish the mobile app, and instead I built a web app using streamlit. Our team won the best use of MATLAB award. 

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SynTech Chemistry Hackathon
September 2022

We built a virtual "Chemical Safety Assistant" to assist chemists in performing risk assessments. Simply input the chemicals of interest, and it will scrape PubChem to show the associated hazard codes, as well as other relevant data. Click the icon to see more!

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Personal Project - SoMeMailMe
December 2021

TikTok only show data 60 days back in time, so I wrote some code which scrapes various TikTok and IG analytics (using an API), add it all to a csv file, and every Sunday send me an email with showing last week's growth. I automated it using CRON. Click the icon to see more!

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HEX Cambridge - Twitter Ticker $PY
January 2021

We built a browser extension which allows users to query any Twitter profile and gain useful insight on their stock-promoting behaviour. I worked on the backend, writing the python scripts which would calculate the values ultimately showed to the user (e.g. return).

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